What is Beam?

The Beam platform offers an all-in-one solution combing iOS-powered barcode scanning, externally replaceable backup battery, and a highly protective case. There are 2 versions: 

  1. Beam Scanner Sled - a protective case with built-in barcode scanner and externally replaceable backup battery.
  2. Beam Power Sled - a protective case with an externally replaceable backup battery.

Why choose Beam?

1. Externally swappable batteries that work in both the Beam Scanner Sled and Beam Power Sled.

2. It is designed to accommodate the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8.

3. Unimpeded call quality and Wi-Fi signal strength.

4. Superior impact resistance (rated for 6-foot drops.)

5. Lightweight and ergonomic design.

What are the Beam product codes and where are they available?

For healthcare resellers near you and volume pricing contact info@beam-mobile.com. The product codes are: 

GM-383-WGY - Beam Scanner Sled: Barcode Scanning and Charging Sled for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, & iPhone 6s - White/Gray

GM-384-WGY - Beam Power Sled: Charging Sled for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, & iPhone 6s - White/Gray

GM-385-WHT- Externally replaceable battery for Beam - White

GM-386-WGY - Charging Base for one Beam and one Battery - White/Gray

GM-387-WGY - Charging Base for ten Beam Batteries - White/Gray

GM-388-WGY - Charging Base for five Beam Sleds - White/Gray

GM-389-WGY - Holster for Beam Sleds - White/Gray