Beam Overview

Designed specifically for hospital environments, Beam is backed by years of collective experience in mobile device protection and charging. Beam is an MFi approved, fully-enclosed case for the iPhone 8, 7, and 6s. Beam uses disinfectant-ready plastics and has an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell for maximum drop protection. Email us to qualify for evaluation units. Part number GM-384-WGY.

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Beam Accessories

Beam single charger CR.jpg

Single bay charger

The single bay charger is great for users that don’t operate in a shared device environment. Part number GM-386-WGY

Beam battery CR.jpg

extra batteries

Rechargeable 2100mAh batteries provide quick swap to keep workflows moving. Part number GM-386-WGY

Beam 5 bay charger CR.jpg

5-bay beam charger

The 5-bay charger provides charge slots for five Beam units. Part number GM-388-WGY

Beam 10 bay charger CR.jpg

10-bay charger

The 10-bay charger provides charge slots for quick swap of extra batteries. Part number GM-387-WGY